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You may contact me via this page or call me directly. I will return your inquiry within 24 hours- sooner if at all possible. Please leave a phone number as well as your e-mail so that we can talk before we meet.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Call me:
(206) 551-0008

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[email protected]

Dean Lierle, LICSW
793 Ericksen Ave NE, Suite 123
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-1877

Splinter Billing Service
Vicki Splinter – 360.621.4505
15004 NE 11th ST
Vancouver, WA 98684-3672


Copays are to be made at the time of service. As the insured, you are to be aware of your coverage, deductibles and copays.


Some insurances require that you call and obtain an authorization. Once the authorization is in place, the provider usually keeps it going by sending progress reports to your insurance company’s behavioral health department to request more sessions.


I hereby authorize Dean Lierle, LICSW and Splinter Billing Service to release any information acquired in the course of my evaluation and treatment to my insurance company as may be required for reimbursement. I understand that Dean Lierle and Splinter Billing Service will be processing my insurance claims only as a convenience to me. I hereby authorize my insurance company to make payment directly to the provider for services rendered. I understand that I am financially responsible for the charges not paid by my insurance for any reason, i.e.: no authorization obtained, deductible, non-covered service or not a covered provider. If my insurance company pays on any service that I have already made payment, I will be re-imbursed. I understand that the responsible party will receive the billing and that in the case of co-responsibility, only one party will be billed. I also understand that I am responsible for knowing and following insurance procedures which affect approval for payment.